Stuff girls say

001I just need to vent for a minute

Can you keep a secret?

Do you know where my phone is?

I can’t get my hair wet

This is going to sound really mean, but…

I’m just going to steal one of your chips

I have nothing to wear

What star sign are you?

I think she’s a really nice girl, really I do, it’s just that…

God I look fat in that photo

Can we just stop in here for a second?

Oh my God, I love that movie!!

I’ve always thought she was a bit weird

Did you see what she put on Facebook?

Nah, no way, that would never fit me

OK, just one quick one then

I think my hair looks ok today

Hey love, fab shoes you got on

We used to be best friends at high school

I’m not going to have a birthday this year

Fuck that’s ugly

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